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About OnCall

Providers working together to create a higher standard of care

Did you know that providers, on average, are only able to spend 27% of their time with patients? Their remaining time is spent on regulatory paperwork and time consuming administrative tasks. What if we could change that?

OnCall is a telemedicine program created to help providers build their e-practice and increase efficiency. When patients connect, our system is designed to utilize the help of support staff for time consuming administrative tasks so that providers can focus more of their time on great patient care.

Step 1 - Check-In: Patients check in to your personal online waiting room via phone, tablet or computer.

Step 2 - Visit Prep: Your Support Staff starts video call with patient and preps them for their visit (demographics, payment, chart prep, etc).

Step 3 - Transfer: Once the patient is prepped, Support Staff transfers the patient to the provider. Patient arrives in your waiting room pre-checked for technical issues, prepped and ready for their visit. 

We are a telemedicine program and so much more. 

To request your account and start building your e-practice, go to https://www.oncallhc.com/forms/request-to-be-a-provider. Once we receive your request, we will create your private e-clinic account and follow up with additional information.

For general questions please email info@oncallhc.com.

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