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About Us

OnCall Health Tech is headquartered in Chandler, Arizona. Our small but mighty crew consists of a tight-knit team of talented developers, marketing experts, healthcare professionals and support specialists working to help providers grow their practice and connect with their patients online.


What to expect after Signing Up? After signing up you will receive a customizable web profile, access to your private virtual care "e-clinic" account and you will have the opportunity to schedule a New Account Setup session with an OnCall Support Specialist. During setup, your OnCall Support Specialist will show you the ropes, answer questions and prepare you for your first visit. 


How can OnCall help me grow my practice? OnCall's marketing team uses a system called Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which helps to drive traffic to your page and generate higher new patient opportunity. Subscribed users benefit from OnCall's paid SEM ads on platform such as Google™, Bing™ Yahoo!®, Facebook™ and LinkedIn. If patients are searching for you or your services, our goal is to help them find you. 


Need an extra marketing boost? OnCall providers now have the option to boost their individual marketing. When you boost your marketing, OnCall's SEM Team creates and professionally manages SEM ads designed specifically for you and your practice. For additional information download our Digital Marketing Brochure


How does the e-clinic work? Using your private check-in link, patients can check in to your e-clinic dashboard and connect with you online from the comfort of their home. Providers benefit by being able to:

  • Treat patients remotely

  • Increase their revenues

  • Bill for telemedicine services

  • Expand your reach to patients outside of your local community

  • Offer more flexibility, availability and a better services for your patients

  • Create higher patient satisfaction and increase compliance


At OnCall Health Tech our mission is to improve access to quality healthcare. We believe the best way to accomplish this is through technology and collaboration with local professionals in the communities we serve. We are very proud and excited to be able to provide a service which is convenient, affordable and a way to be a part of changing the healthcare system. Together we can bring cost effective, high quality and comprehensive healthcare to patients everywhere.



Questions? Email us at info@oncallhc.com