About Us

About OnCall

Telemedicine and so much more

OnCall is founded and headquartered in Chandler Arizona. We created our Virtual Care e-clinic Telemedicine solution for use in our own private practice as a way to...

  • Help our patients easily connect to their providers 
  • To reduce costly inefficiencies that other telemedicine programs created for us
  • To save our patients from having to travel long distances for their appointments and
  • To create a familiar patient experience that mimics their regular in-office visits

OnCall was designed to go beyond telemedicine by creating a more efficient Virtual Care experience for all members of your healthcare team. By including Providers and Support Staff in your telemedicine program:

  • Your patients get more quality time with their provider
  • Your providers spend less time on non-revenue generating support tasks
  • Your office can generate higher efficiencies within your telemedicine program
  • You’re creating a familiar online experience that mimics your in-office workflow (the same staff, relationships, beautiful smiles and friendly faces that your patients know and love can be included in their online televisit experience just as they are when being seen in-office) and
  • You can generate a higher satisfaction rate for your patients and your team

OnCall’s Virtual Care e-clinic Telemedicine solution is now open and available to all U.S. healthcare professionals.

To request your account, go to https://www.oncallhc.com/forms/request-to-be-a-provider.

For general questions please email info@oncallhc.com.

Questions? Email us at info@oncallhc.com