About Us

About OnCall

Telemedicine and so much more

OnCall is founded and headquartered in Chandler Arizona by a small team of local entrepreneurs. Our Virtual Care e-clinic telemedicine solution was originally created for private use in our Arizona based group practice as a way to...

  • Help our patients easily connect to their providers online
  • To save patients from having to travel long distances for their appointments
  • To reduce costly inefficiencies that other telemedicine programs created for us
  • To create a familiar patient experience that mimics traditional in-office visits and;
  • To increase communication and collaboration between patients, providers and support staff

After implementing our OnCall e-clinic telemedicine solution into our practice, we experienced increased patient compliance, improved treatment outcomes, higher patient satisfaction, quicker access to our providers, lower costs, continuity of care, increased communication, better collaboration, greater flexibility for our staff members, expanded service area and higher employee satisfaction.  

In January 2018, we opened our Virtual Care e-clinic telemedicine solution to all healthcare professionals interested in implementing their own telemedicine program using our simple, convenient, efficient and affordable telemedicine solution. 

Today OnCall Health Tech is a Virtual Care telemedicine solution working to help providers easily connect to their patients online. Providers who use our telemedicine software automatically become a part of the "OnCall Healthcare" provider network. OnCall Healthcare's provider network is designed to help patients find, connect and receive treatment from an OnCall provider. In addition to connecting with your own patients online, in-network providers may receive new visits in three ways:

  1. Patients on our website can search for you, view your profile and request an appointment or check-in to your online waiting room using your OnCall web profile. 
  2. Patients can request to "See First Available Provider". When OnCall receives these requests our Support Staff will coordinate the visit with an appropriate provider (based on factors such as patient location, reason for visit, insurance, patient preferences, etc), check-in the patient and transfer the patient to the appropriate providers online dashboard.
  3. Through referrals and collaboration with other OnCall specialists.

At OnCall our mission is to improve access to quality healthcare. We believe the best way to accomplish this is through technology and collaboration with local professionals in the communities we serve. We are very proud and excited to be able to provide a service which is convenient, affordable and a way to be a part of changing the healthcare system. Together we can bring cost effective, high quality and comprehensive healthcare to patients everywhere. 

We look forward to meeting you and introducing you to our solution.

Questions? Email us at info@oncallhc.com