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Wendy Markovich has been in practice for over 10 years working in primary care and pain management in Arizona. She grew up in Nebraska and completed her undergraduate studies at Creighton University in Omaha. She then moved to Connecticut to complete her Masters degree. She worked as a Nurse Practitioner in Connecticut for a few years before she moved to Arizona. In Arizona, she learned it was one of the only states at that time to allow independent practice for Nurse Practitioners. She decided to open her own pain management practice and was successful for 9 years treating patients with chronic painful diagnoses and managing long term medications. She also had a primary care practice focusing on wellness and weight loss management in addition to common illnesses such as leaky gut, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. She decided to sell her practices after having her first child in 2016. Soon after, she started working in telemedicine which allowed her the time to spend at home with her family.

Wendy is currently welcoming new patients for her Arizona Medication Compliance Program. The program is designed to promote safety and best practices when prescribing opioids for chronic pain in Arizona. The program will assist patients to safely taper their opioid doses in a realistic time frame. The goal is to create achievable outcomes and show continued improvement each visit while maintaining medication compliance and improving overall health and well being.

About OnCall Pain's

Medication Compliance Program

The Arizona Opioid Prescribing Guidelines were revised October 5, 2017 to promote the safety and best practices when prescribing opioids for acute and chronic pain. OnCall Pain's Medication Compliance Program was created to help patients in chronic and acute pain to receive treatment that provides the greatest benefits relative to the risks.

The goal of OnCall Pain's Medication Compliance Program is to: 

  • Assist patients on safely managing and tapering their current opioid doses in a time frame that is achievable for the patient
  • Create an individualized treatment plan to encourage self management of their painful condition or conditions.
  • Educate patients on long term opiate use and the effects they may have including undermining self care approaches.
  • Working together with each patient to create a plan for a healthy lifestyle and incorporating tools and therapies that can assist with their goals.
  • To create achievable outcomes throughout the program and show continued improvement each visit with decreasing meds and improving overall health and well being.


OnCall Pain's

Visit and Pricing Information*

Initial Visit


Your first visit will be a 1 hour consultation and must be conducted in-office.


Medication Management Visit


Depending on your care plan, online follow-up visits may be conducted every four weeks and prescriptions can be e-prescribed to a pharmacy near you.


*Superbill provided for out-of-network benefits

Mid-Month Check-In Visit


Based on guidelines, some care plans may require mid-month check-in appointments between your regular Medication Management visit.

OnCall Pain's

Patient Safety and Compliance

OnCall Pain uses the following tools for screening and to maintain patient safety and compliance:

  • Pain Contract: Patients will be required to agree to and follow the rules of our program
  • Drug Screen: Regular drug screens will be conducted to monitor medication
  • Pill Counts: Regular pill counts will be made to assess diversion
  • Pharmacy Query: Regular pharmacy queries to monitor prescriptions


OnCall Pain's

Referral and Forms Information

To Send a Referral

Please complete our Referral Sheet and fax to our office at (888) 518-4950. Before your initial visit, we will need the following information:

  • Patient’s demographic and/or face sheet
  • Last 3 or most recent visit notes
  • History and Physical
  • Recent labs
  • Any pertinent imaging



For a copy of our Referral Sheet, Privacy Practices or Consents please choose the appropriate link below:

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"Very pleased with On Call." 


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"Office is very nice and clean and you feel like you were seen by a Dr. instead of someone just looking to take your money and give you some off the wall diagnoses and write you a bunch of prescriptions of medications you have never heard of, VERY SATISFIED PATIENT"


"Couldn't do a better job!! Because you are already on point with everything you guys do!! Thank you so much!!"     


"Love this new process!!! Amazing!!!!"




 "Everything continues to stay smooth; i.e. check-in, communication, no problems; 6 months now using this site"


"Absolutely love ur ideas."


"Celina is great very professional and patient and Dr. Markovich is very understanding and takes the time to listen and answer any questions"


"Wendy is the greatest ever!"


"Wonderful, Easy, Quality, and Convenience. Thank you."


"Everything going smoothly every televisit. Fantastic technology idea. Especially for disabled people who can't get around easily."


"With everthing I am going through, Dr. Wendy just calms me, reasures me I'm going to be alright. I couldn't make it without Dr Wendy Markovich"


"Wendy and Calina are very professional and compassionate with me. Wendy's approach to pain management has helped deal with my chronic pain."



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