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OnCall Health Tech is a Virtual Care telemedicine program created to help providers grow their practice and connect with new and existing patients online.

Step 1 - Check-In: Patients check-in using their providers private check-in link.

Step 2 - Visit Prep: When patients enter your e-clinic dashboard, providers have access to the patients name, email and time of arrival. Before the session, providers typically prep for their visit and initiate their live video consult when ready. 

Step 3 - Visit: To start your visit, select the patient and click "Start Visit". After initiating the visit, patient and provider are connected via live two-way audio video virtual care telemedicine session.  

Telemedicine is the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunications technology. In other words, the ability to see a provider from the comfort and privacy of your home/hotel/gym/dorm room/car/etc using live two way video technology already widely available in most phones, tablets, and/or computers. It's a quick, affordable, efficient and convenient way to connect with your provider online. 

Patients have the option of requesting to see the first available provider. When OnCall receives these requests, OnCall support staff will find an appropriate provider based on factors such as patient location, reason for visit, availability, insurance, patient preferences, budget and other misc factors.

Once OnCall support staff has identified an appropriate provider, OnCall will confirm the appointment and send check-in instructions to the patient.  

When it's time for the visit, providers log into their e-clinic account and the patient is able to check in for their appointment. 

Your OnCall e-clinic account is designed to work in tandem with all payment processing services. Providers are responsible for collecting all applicable copay, deductible, cost-share, coinsurance and other insurance related patient balances or fee-for-service charges due from the patient.

Typically providers collect payment in one (or a combination) of four ways...

  • Invoicing
  • Manually Keyed Entries
  • Requiring prepayment before scheduling an appointment
  • Via prepaid subscription based model

OnCall Health Tech's program does not include an EHR. There are many EHR options available. Depending on your personal preference and area of expertise, you may prefer one EHR over another. Because an EHR is such an important part of your practice, OnCall does not want to limit your EHR options to a single choice. Instead, our program is designed to work in tandem with all EHR's. 

A visit is considered to be a session on your e-clinic account which lasts up to 15 minutes.

Longer consultations or leaving your video feed on between visits may result in an increased number of visits. For more information please feel free to email us at info@oncallhc.com. 

Welcome to OnCall!! To get started please complete our Account Request Form. When we receive your request, a Support Specialist will create your web profile and e-clinic accounts. Once your account is ready, you will receive an email with additional information including your login credentials.

If you would like help getting started, you can schedule a live 15 minute New Account Setup session with an OnCall Support Specialist. Account Setup Sessions are $25. To schedule your New Account Setup, please click the following link...Schedule Setup

Our regular business hours are 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Monday thru Friday, MST). We will try our best to get your accounts created on the same day we receive the request.

Yes! Your office has support staff...why shouldn’t your telemedicine platform?? To request a support staff account...

  1. Log in to your e-clinic account from a desktop or laptop computer
  2. Once you're logged in, click the "Addons" button in the top header navigation bar
  3. On the Addons page, click the "Add Support Staff" tab
  4. On the Add Support Staff tab, click the "Add Support Staff" button at the botton of your screen and follow the prompts

Of course! Adding provider to your account can help your practice to spread coverage responsibilities between multiple providers, improve access to providers in your group, generate higher revenues, increase patient satisfaction, improve collaboration, reduce costs, improve continuity of care and offer more convenience for patients and providers in your group.

To add providers to your e-clinic...

  1. Log in to your e-clinic account from a desktop or laptop computer
  2. Once you're logged in, click the "Addons" button in the top header navigation bar
  3. On the Addons page, click the "Add Provider" tab
  4. On the Add Provider tab, click the "Add Provider" button at the bottom of your screen and follow the prompts

Your e-clinic check-in page is tied to your login. Logging into your Support Staff or Provider account(s) will "open" your e-clinic and your patient check-in page will become available. To close your e-clinic check-in page simply log out of your Support Staff and/or Provider account(s). When all team members are logged out, your e-clinic check-in page will close and patients will not be able to check in.

OnCall takes your privacy and security very seriously. In order to protect your information and our reputation we have created safeguards that meet or exceed HIPAA requirements. Please see our Privacy Policy.

We know we’re not perfect, but we do strive for continuous improvement and we’re constantly assessing and examining our methods with the intention of instituting positive change.

If you have a suggestion for something we can do better, please let us know at info@oncallhc.com. We also accept and appreciate kind words, thoughtful actions, and encouragement as well. If you’d like to leave a testimonial, please email us or visit our Facebook page.

Questions? Email us at info@oncallhc.com

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