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Telemedicine is the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunications technology. In other words, the ability to see a provider from the comfort and privacy of your home/hotel/gym/dorm room/car/etc using live two way video technology already widely available in most phones, tablets, and/or computers. It's a quick, affordable, efficient and convenient way to connect with your provider online. 

OnCall is a virtual care telemedicine program created to help providers build their e-practice and increase efficiency. When patients connect, our system is designed to utilize the help of support staff for time consuming administrative tasks so that providers can focus more of their time on great patient care.

The OnCall e-clinic goes beyond telemedicine by creating an online experience that combines the convenience and affordability of telemedicine with the same friendly faces, personal interaction and trusted staff that your patients know and love. Our e-clinic mimics your in-office work flow by enabling your support staff to help with time consuming administrative tasks and allowing you to focus more of your time on great patient care. We're telemedicine and so much more.

The OnCall e-clinic was designed to mimic your in-office work flow.

Step 1 - Check-In: Patients check in to your private online waiting room via phone, tablet or computer.

Step 2 - Visit Prep: Support Staff starts video call with patient and preps them for their visit (demographics, payment, chart prep, etc).

Step 3 - Transfer: Once the patient is prepped, Support Staff transfers the patient to the provider. Patient arrives in your waiting room pre-checked for technical issues, prepped and ready for their visit. 

We create support staff account for your front office staff and provider accounts for the healthcare providers in your clinic. When your patient starts an online visit, they are greeted by the same front office staff as they would be during an in-office visit. Your front office staff can answer questions, help to resolve technical issues, prep your charts, collect payment, verify insurance, schedule follow-ups and perform other misc administrative support tasks before the patient reaches their provider. Once the patient is ready, your support staff can transfer the patient to any available provider within your clinic. As the provider, the patient reaches your designated waiting room prepped and pre-checked for technical related issues leaving you more time to focus your on great patient care. 

Absolutely! Solo providers who do not have Support Staff have two options...

1. Each e-clinic account comes with Support Staff and Provider logins. Solo providers who do not want to use the OnCall Support Staff can use their Support Staff login to check in your own patients


2. You can use our trained Support Staff who will greet your patients, help your patients to resolve technical issues (if any), answer questions, collect payment, send remimders, help with scheduling/referrals and transfer patients. Please note, there is an additional fee for using our Support Staff. See our Pricing page for additional information. 

Yes, all providers are able to set their own fees. Whether your fee schedule is time based, specialty based, program based or a combination, we can create the cutomized fee schedule that works for you. 

Absolutely! Our program is designed to mimic your in-office work flow. Providers/clinics using OnCall can accept insurance just as they would for an in office visit. If you are interested in accepting insurance, ask about our billing partner and low group billing rate. 

The average televisit lasts about 10 minutes. A use is considered to be an audio/video consult on our e-clinic platform which lasts up to 15 minutes. 

You can see the e-clinic in action during regular business hours by going to www.oncallhc.com and clicking the "See First Available Provider" link. When asked for a name please use "Demo Provider", enter your email address, the state you're located in, click continue and follow the prompts. Next you will be connected to one of our talented live team members who will show you the program, answer questions and get you started. 

Welcome to OnCall! To get started please go to https://www.oncallhc.com/forms/request-to-be-a-provider, complete the sign up form and click submit. Once we receive your request, a member of our team will get started creating your new account and they will contact you with additional information including login credentials and e-clinic links. 

You don’t see your provider on our list?!? Send us a note at joinOC@oncallhc.com and ask your provider to join. We’re looking for the best providers to join and a good patient recommendation is a great place to start.

Technology can have a bad day too. If a call fails, the system will automatically try to reconnect. If you get disconnected, reconnect using the same visit link you used to check in for your appointment. If you are not able to restart a visit with your provider, send us an email at info@oncallhc.com. 

OnCall takes your privacy and security very seriously. In order to protect your information and our reputation we have created safeguards that meet or exceed HIPAA requirements. Please see our Privacy Policy.

We know we’re not perfect, but we do strive for continuous improvement and we’re constantly assessing and examining our methods with the intention of instituting positive change.

If you have a suggestion for something we can do better, please let us know at info@oncallhc.com. We also accept and appreciate kind words, thoughtful actions, and encouragement as well. If you’d like to leave a testimonial, please email us or visit our Facebook page.

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