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Private Virtual Consult e-clinic Account
Business Associate Agreement
Standard Web Profile
Standard Patient Consent Forms
HTML Check-in Badge
Email Support
15 Minute New Account Setup Session
50 Visits/Month Included per Subscriber
Appointment Request Notifications
Reduced Rates on Invoiced Extra Monthly Visits
Standardized Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Priority Ranking for "First Available Provider" Requests
Priority for Network Coverage Opportunities
Priority Email Support
Advanced Web Profile Features Including:
Customizable Content
Add Payment Links
Add Personal Scheduler Links
Email Marketing Packages Coming Soon
Referral System Coming Soon
Provider Collaboration System Coming Soon


Account Setup Per Provider $50 $50 $50
Monthly Subscription Per Provider Account* $0/Month $15/Month $35/Month


Monthly Visit Packages** Starter Members Rates* Prepaid, Standard & Premier Subscriber Rates*
50 Visits $15 $10
100 Visits $30 $20
250 Visits $75 $50
Monthly Marketing Boost:
Bronze $100/Month
Silver $250/Month
Gold (Recommended) $500/Month
Platinum $1,000/Month
Add your Support Staff to your Account $20 Setup/Account
Add Additional Provider(s) to your Account $35 Setup/Account + Subscription
*Visit charges are based on the total number of monthly visits conducted on your e-clinic account. Receive best rates by Subscribing or Prepaying for Monthly Visit Packages. Extra visit are batched and invoiced on the 1st of the following month.
**A visit is considered to be a session on your e-clinic account which lasts up to 15 minutes. For e-clinic accounts with multiple users, visit packages are shared among all users. Longer consultations may require multiple visits per session. Receive best rates by Subscribing or Prepaying for Monthly Visit Packages.


How does the OnCall e-clinic work?

Step 1: Check-In

E-clinic accounts give your patients a simple one-click connection to your private check-in page. Patients simply click your check-in link, enter their check-in details and they are connected to your private e-clinic dashboard.

Step 2: Visit Prep

When patients enter your e-clinic dashboard, providers have access to the patients name, email and time of arrival. Before initiating the session, providers can prep for their visit and initiate the video consult when ready.

Step 3: Visit

To initiate your visit, click on the patient that you're ready to see. On the next screen click "Start Visit". After initiating the visit, patient and provider are connected via live two-way audio video session.

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"At OnCall our goal is to improve access to quality healthcare. We believe the best way to accomplish this is through technology and collaboration with local professionals in the communities we serve. We look forward to meeting you and introducing you to our solution."

Wendy FNP, Co-Founder OnCall


Benefits for Patients

  • Connect with their favorite healthcare providers online
  • Reduce the need to travel long distances for their appointments
  • Experience a Virtual Care telemedicine visit similar to traditional in-office visits 
  • Use insurance as they would during in-office visits (for insurance plans that cover telemedicine)
  • Convenient, affordable and higher satisfaction rate 
  • Improved access to their providers and continuity of care
  • Enable patients to take control of their health maintenance

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