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$10/month $20/month $50/month
For over 250 visits/month, contact us for custom pricing.
A use is considered to be a patient-provider consult on our e-clinic platform which lasts up to 15 minutes.
Longer consults may require more uses per consult.
Monthly rates are prorated.

Support Staff Service Available

OnCall can help you or your clinic reduce time-consuming support tasks so that you can spend more time on patient care.
Just $15/use! No contract!

Let OnCall be your Assistant! We will:

  • greet your patients when they enter the virtual waiting room
  • collect payments before patients start their telemedicine visit
  • sort out technical issues before your patient reaches you
  • handle administrative tasks
  • help with scheduling
  • help with referrals
  • provide other support related tasks

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Benefits for Providers

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Offer Telemedicine to your Patients

Patients want the option of doing a televisit but they don't want just any doctor, they want their doctor. Our e-clinic easily integrates with your current work flow and creates a simple way for your patients to connect with you online.

How does it work?

Patients use their Provider or Clinic Links to start their online visit. First they are connected with a member of your staff who can help with chart prep, questions, payments and other provider support tasks. When the patient is ready, your staff is able to transfer the patient to any provider in your clinic, the provider receives notification and initiates the visit.

Compatible Devices

Patients can connect using their phone, tablet or computer.

Personalized Provider Links

Each provider receives a personalized "Provider Link" that easily connects patients to their provider. Provider Links can be added to your clinic website, to your appointment reminders, emailed and/or texted to your patients.

Personalized Clinic Links

Each clinic receives a personalized "Clinic Link" that easily connects patients to any provider associated with their clinic. Clinic Links can be added to your clinic website, to your appointment reminders, emails and/or texted to your patients.

Unlimited Providers

Add unlimited providers to your clinic and only pay for the total volume that your clinic uses.

No Surprise Fees

No contracts and simple monthly tier pricing.

Live Support Staff

Live support staff available during regular business hours via tele-consult and after hours via email.

Partner Discounts

Receive low group rates on billing and other services.

Increase Billable Services

Turn off hour non-billable services into billable time, increase access and better serve your patients.


Generate referrals though collaboration with other OnCall providers and through our website via our free provider profiles.

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Testimonial Image

At OnCall our goal is to improve access to quality healthcare. We believe the best way to accomplish this is through technology and collaboration with local professionals in the communities we serve. We look forward to meeting you and introducing you to our solution.

Wendy FNP, Co-Founder OnCall


Benefits for Patients

  • See your favorite healthcare providers online
  • Use your insurance as you would during in-office visits (most insurance plans cover telemedicine)
  • Convenient, affordable and higher satisfaction rate
  • Continuity of care 
  • Improved access to your providers
  • Take control of your health maintenance

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