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Janette Heath, CHC

health coach

Janette Heath is a Certified Health Coach with more than 10 years experience in coaching/researching holistic health and nutrition and why functional nutrition matters? Why, we can use food as a medicine to help people feel better and live a better life in harmony with our body.


  • Teaching Health and Nutrition Classes in Spanish and English at the Senior Centers.
  • Assessed Clients’ overall physical health with body composition scale measurements. Many clients also decreased aches and pains related with Ankylosing Spondylitis, Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis that’s what they mentioned.
  • During my journeys between Asia, Cyprus, Mexico, United States and Europe I had the fortune to see the different cultures and see their eating habits, health and the beauty in how to transform a fresh produce in a delicious dish. I was so fascinated with what I learned, that it led me to go in the direction to start studying in 2005 and complete a degree in Science in Health and Holistic Nutrition Coach. Now, I combine the best health secrets from around the world, different cultures and what I have mastered with my studies and research during the years.
  • I am still doing some research and studying/learning new Holistic Nutrition Methods.
  • I can tell you that, since I changed my diet adding more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and less animal protein, my joint pain has decreased a lot and also my inflammation in the whole body. I am proud to say that I used to volunteer at the Senior Centers in WA State and teach various Holistic Health classes at the senior centers from Inflammation to Detox classes and how they can change some of the inflammation that food causes in the body?


  • Nutrition Screening Specialist
  • Hospice and Palliative Care Core Training
  • Medical Terminology Knowledge
  • CERT Training - Health Consultant
  • Nutritarian Diet Dr. Joel Fuhrman - Raw Diet
  • Excellent listening and communication skills with a strong patience and understanding
  • Well Organized
  • Self-motivated and self-confident

Visit Info:

  • Initial Consultation: $120
  • Follow Up Consults: $65
  • Iridology Consult: $65
  • 3 Week Menu design: $70

Arizona (AZ)
English, Spanish/Medical Spanish
Ankylosing Spondylitis, Detoxification, Fibromyalgia, Herbology, Holistic Health, Iridology, Nutrition, Plant Based, Raw Diet, Type 2 Diabetes, Vegetarian Diet, Weight Loss
Certified Iridologist
BSH and Iridology Kingdom College
Medical Terminology
Natural Health Consultant Highest Honours
Bastyr University Certificate Raw Foods
Iridology Joyful Living Services Certified Iridology Practitioner
Reiki Master

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