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OnCall Health Tech helps providers and patients connect online.

Whether you're connecting with your patients or working to grow your practice, see how OnCall Health Tech can work for you.

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How does the OnCall e-clinic work?

Step 1: Check-In

E-clinic accounts give your patients a simple one-click connection to your private check-in page. Patients simply click your check-in link, enter their check-in details and they are connected to your private e-clinic dashboard.

Step 2: Visit Prep

When patients enter your e-clinic dashboard, providers have access to the patients name, email and time of arrival. Before initiating the session, providers can prep for their visit and initiate the video consult when ready.

Step 3: Visit

To initiate your visit, click on the patient that you're ready to see. On the next screen click "Start Visit". After initiating the visit, patient and provider are connected via live two-way audio video session.

OnCall Availability

Available to all U.S.

Areas Currently Available
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E-clinic accounts are available to all U.S. licensed healthcare professionals interested in an efficient, convenient and affordable Virtual Care telehealth solution. Please review all applicable rules, regulations and scope of practice requirements regarding telemedicine, standard of care, location and licensure. 

For general questions or information on availability outside of the U.S. please email us at 

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